Starting out in enforced chastity requires changes in some very basic areas of life. Wearing a device 24/7 creates some new challenges. Some are obvious, but others are subtler.

Peeing, a part of life I never spent any time thinking about, becomes more difficult thanks to the device. At home, I sit to pee. Standing offers considerable risk of spraying all over the floor, or having the stream go in an unexpected direction. Using a urinal allows me to stand with some safety. But I do have to check to see if my urethra is centered in the front of the cage. I carry a Q-Tip in my pocket to help me adjust if needed. I also carry a tissue to catch drips at the end and to keep the area between the cage and my balls from becoming wet and later, smelly.

I’ve also needed to find underwear that is comfortable now that I wear a cage. It took some trial and error, but eventually I settled on a pouch design from Obviously. I also switched from briefs to a thong. The single strap in back does a very good job of keeping my cage comfortably in place.

The cage can pinch and become uncomfortable. This has nothing to do with the base ring or cage size, but rather little shifts in position that can hurt. I’ve learned to do a quick move to relieve the issue. The thong underwear has reduced my need to do this.

Showering is also different. Depending on the style of the device, keeping clean can be challenging. We have a shower that has a removable head. I use a liquid body wash that I apply liberally inside the cage. Then I use the shower head to rinse all sides of the cage. The Jail Bird I wear is very easy to clean this way. The tube type devices can be very difficult to keep clean and odor free.

Beyond the physical issues, being locked up forces some changes in regard to sexual expectations. Obviously, I lost control of any sexual stimulation. Anything that involves touching my penis requires Mrs. Lion to unlock me. It takes time to get used to the almost-constant feeling of sexual need. Actually, I’ve never gotten used to it. I just live with it.

Mrs. Lion leaves me wild (unlocked) for periods of time. I can be trusted not to masturbate. She wants me to avoid touching my penis sexually. When wild, that’s very difficult to do. I find my hand wandering more often than I would like. Sadly, I think that without the cage, I am incapable of keeping my hands off except to pee. It’s almost an unconscious action. I catch myself and stop, but can’t seem to prevent it. I will work harder to prevent this unauthorized touching.