Penis On My Mind

I know that guys are accused of thinking about sex endlessly. Maybe we do think about it a lot more than women. Someone has to do it. Since my penis was locked up, I find that I spend an amazing amount of time thinking and writing about my penis. Before the Cage (BC), my penile thoughts were limited to needing to adjust and rarely, admiring my erection. Penises, including mine, were never very interesting to me.

Enter enforced chastity. Before we started, I spent many hours fantasizing about my cock in bondage. Then, I obsessed over which device was best for me. I did hundreds of hours of research on that topic. Then I measured my flaccid cock; over and over. Finally, I received my first cage.

Once locked up, I began this blog and have written well over half-a-million words, essentially about power and the penis. I think about my cage more than a few times an hour. Sometimes, it forces me to think about it and I have to adjust. I’m even interested in other guys’ penises in terms of how they manage to get caged and then cope with the changes enforced chastity creates. I regularly answer penis emails and comments from readers.

Penis thinking sometimes crowds out the typical male fantasies we all enjoy. Being caged has changed how I look at women in general. I admire them and enjoy a cute butt. But I don’t think about having sex with them. Even though in he past I would never cheat on Mrs. Lion, now it isn’t possible. It surprises me a little, how that subtle physical change has shifted my thoughts.

Of course I think a lot about sex with Mrs. Lion. But not nearly as much as BC. When I get more desperate for release, the balance shifts and my thoughts are almost exclusively about what will happen when I am unlocked and may get the chance to ejaculate. My sex drive is certainly not tamed. It’s just locked up with my penis.

We have over a million words of posts and pages here. I estimate that at least 75% is related to the penis directly or indirectly. That’s a lot of conversation about such a little thing. Mrs. Lion has been reporting almost every day about my penis’ latest adventures. It’s a public figure. Each orgasm is documented and discussed. We’ve been interviewed by the mainstream press about that little guy and his cage.

What a way to be famous. No autographs, please.