Plastic Cage: Back To The Drawing Board

Jail Bird chastity device
My Jail Bird chastity device. Note that it made from round stainless steel wire.

I’ve been writing about getting a non-metallic chastity device for travel. This has reopened the topic of getting a device that fits properly. I understand that there are many schools of thought about male chastity device fitting. I’m also coming to understand that some information that appears contradictory, may in fact be due to the design of the device itself. Let me explain.

I wear a Mature Metal Jail Bird. It is an open, stainles-steel design made from heavy wire. The surface area of the device that is in contact with my penis is relatively small. It’s a cage. This small area of contact offers no real frictional resistance to the penis skin moving inside it. The cage prevents any growth for erection, but doesn’t pose any real barrier to the skin inside moving a little.

By contrast, a solid metal tube or a plastic device offers a lot of frictional hold on the penis. Plastic materials, acrylic and nylon for example, resist skin moving when in contact. Stainless steel is less “grabby”, but a full tube still offers a lot of friction. There are two consequences to this increased friction: It is difficult to insert the flaccid penis because it “sticks” to the side and doesn’t allow full insertion into the device. Once on, it can be painful when the penis needs to move with the body, but can’t.

The popular CB6000 is a classic example of the plastic tube. It’s difficult to use this device for 24/7 wear. If it is sized so that the tube is comfortable, the tip of the penis will not touch the end of the tube. The width of the tube is greater than the actual diameter of the flaccid penis. It has to be to make insertion of the penis manageable. The result of this oversizing is that peeing is messy. A lot of urine ends up bouncing around inside the device. Over time the device smells horrible and has to be removed to adequately clean it. Erections can get a “head start” and the combination of the stiffening penis and the friction it has with the tube, can pull the base ring out along the scrotum. In some cases the balls hurt from the pressure the ring exerts.

The idea is that an erection will not be able to pull the tube along with it and it will be restricted by the width of the tube and the resistance to the penis growing longer. Many guys reason that a smaller base ring will limit this sort of movement. It will. But it will also chafe and restrict blood flow to the area. Comfort goes out the window.

My ideal chastity device maintains contact with the head of my penis at all times. The urethra stays centered in the front opening. This arrangement assures I will be able to use a urinal and that I will not be collecting urine in the device. I know from experience, that anything less will smell and be uncomfortable, not to mention that I will always have to pee sitting down.

I think I can handle a device that is wider than my penis so that it will go on easily. But the length has to be short enough to stay in contact with the penis head. I can envision a device that is short enough so that when it goes on, it will slightly compress the head of the penis and cause the excess skin to expand, filling the tube. That would solve the peeing problem. The question is whether such an arrangement would be comfortable. Moisture could be trapped next to my skin. That isn’t good. Maybe the answer is that I have to rethink fit for a plastic device.

If I get one slightly wider than my penis and about the correct length (i.e.: if my penis is 2″ long, the cage would be 2″ as well), then maybe air could circulate and keep me dry. If the front opening is wide enough, perhaps a urine stream could still make it out without turning into an uncontrolled spray.

It’s been years since I’ve thought about this stuff. I’m actively looking for a plastic device to try. If you’d like, please share your experiences in the comments section.


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    I wear a non-proprietary open stainless steel device which does not even have a closed end. This gives a bit of freedom for excess foreskin, is very clean but is not wide enough to allow anything further to extrude.

    In terms of plastic devices, I am not keen on them, but the best one I have found, which is a silicone one, is the birdlocked pico. This works because it is short so things are not scrunched up but fit neatly, but also because it has silicone pins on the inside. These prevent the member from moving around, they are quite soft (but after a couple of days, you do feel them quite noticeably – not sure what it would be like for longer term wear) and therefore everything remains aligned and quite clean.

    (NB I’ve been locked for 7 weeks, I think, with a four day break before that and another period of 8 weeks – 24/7 – and I can’t remember my last orgasm – sorry – I don’t know if any of this is a good thing or not – it just feels right to me.)

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    I have the CB6000 for travel. It’s okay for short durations but I wouldn’t want to wear it for long periods of time. I find it tight to get on–I use Vaseline to line things up and then slowly work it on. Once on, my penis is always in contact with the end of the tube. I still sit to pee because I am afraid of spray soaking my clothes. Overall it’s ok for travel and a few days wear. I agree though that it gets dirty quickly and maintaining hygiene is difficult! It is much easier to keep clean in the Jailbird.

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    Damn auto correct! Line should be lube!

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    When starting out on my chastity journey I used the cb6000s and the silicone one based on the same design as the cb. Neither were comfortable and settled with a knockoff of the jailbird. Something to try with your struggles of getting those on is a stocking of mrs lions. I still use it on the metal cage as well. Have it to where it comes to the back of the head and push the cage up to the head. It will pull the penis right to the end and sometimes try and get it through the opening in the end but quick adjustment and your good.

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    This is funny, because I’ve been struggling with the A080 which I liked at first, but now find the pinching and adjusting to be way beyond convenient.

    This led me back to my CB3000 to try to figure out what makes a device convenient and comfortable, and wearable for longer terms.

    After a week in the CB3000, I remembered the funky smell.

    I’m now in the Fort, a cast stainless copy of the 3000. It’s comfortable inside, but freaking heavy. I feel like I need to buy a jockstrap to help support it.

    We’re never happy, are we?

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    I use the CB6000S if I need to wear one for travel. I used it for several months pretty much 24×7 with cleaning couple of times a week prior to getting my Jail Bird.
    It gives a little space but I find that I can push the cage in against my body so the head of the penis is flush and aligned to the slit when peeing. In that way it’s easier to align than the Jail Bird and seldom did I have any smell issues.

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    I now wear a Holy Trainer short. I started with a CB3000, I notched the bottom out so I could put it on with no spacers. My penis wasn’t big enough to fill it. Next I went to a CB6000. The tube was smaller in diameter, but too long. Peeing was a mess, definitely had to sit. Next in line was a CB6000S. It still was too long. I then got the Holy Trainer short. It doesn’t use spacers and the top is enclosed. It is still a little too long. I contacted Holy Trainer and they said they might come with a shorter cage next year. It works great for flying. I only have had to do the pat down once. I am looking at a SS wire unit similar to the Jail Bird with a 1 1/2 cage. It would be nice to have my head hit the end of the cage all the time. I haven’t had an orgasm in 3 weeks and have had my Holy Trainer on for 2 weeks. With a squirt bottle and some q tips I have been able to keep it clean.

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