How Long Is Long Enough

There is a wide variation in the amount of time that guys in enforced chastity wait between orgasms. From my reading, the general size of the wait is requested by the male. Some get pretty extreme, at least from my perspective; as long as a year. My waits average 7 to 10 days. I’ve had some as long as 21 days and as few as 2. Is there an optimum wait? What is the value of waiting?

I’ve seen a lot of opinions on the ideal wait. A number of women have written that 7 to 10 days is ideal. Their reasoning goes in two directions: Some believe that is “enough” for any man, regardless of whether or not he is in enforced chastity. Others, like Mrs. Lion, have found that interest in sex plateaus and even decreases after ten days.

One is a philosophical belief that men are “spoiled” and should learn that orgasms aren’t something they can have any time they want. Further, there is no biological reason for more than one a week. I’m not sure what the basis for this originates, but I’ve read it more than once.

My waits are based on two things, according to Mrs. Lion. The first is that I do start to slowly lose interest after a week or so. The reason she varies the wait is to keep me sexually off balance. By changing the dates, I never know if I am being edged or will be going for the gold. She’s very effective. Even though I am given a “maybe” date; a date before which I shouldn’t expect to come, she is capable of ignoring that and giving me an early one. She also makes me wait a week or more after that date.

I think that most of the very long waits are at the request of the male. Some guys want to push the envelope and enforced chastity is an opportunity to see what it is like to experience long denial. Some keyholders like to tie waits to specific events. They play games that permit the male an orgasm only after the keyholder comes a certain number of times. That number can get pretty big. Others tie it to an event in the future; a birthday, holiday, anniversary or other significant date.

There’s no question that we males do have input into the general length of our waits, but we don’t have any control over when we get to ejaculate. That, of course, is the essence of enforced chastity.