2.0 Has Spoken

I’ll try to make this a very quick post. I returned to a mountain of work and I have to leave early to meet the insurance adjuster about our camper mishap.

By the time we got home last night, Lion and I were done for. Dinner consisted of a glorified TV dinner. We didn’t even have the energy to go out to eat. And forget about bringing things in from the camper. The only thing that made it in was the laundry hamper. The end of season purge will likely start this weekend.

Needless to say, we were not in the mood for play. Well, I wasn’t. Lion probably was. I’m not sure why driving/riding for seven hours left me achy all over, but I wasn’t moving very fast, if at all. Lion has had a shoulder issue for a few weeks now. We’re a mess.

I’m hoping tonight we’ll at least snuggle and perhaps I’ll edge my pet. Any actual play may wait for the weekend. We’ll see how we feel.

The other thing I noticed, and I think we’ve both made this comment before, is that we don’t tend to kiss as much when we’re together for the day/weekend/extended periods of time. During the week, when we’re heading to and from work, we make sure to kiss each other. And, of course, there’s the good night kiss. But when we’re together, I don’t know if we just assume being together is enough or what it is. I’d like to see that change. I mean, I don’t think we need to be all kissy face all the time, but a kiss or two throughout the day would be nice.

2.0 has spoken!