Tonight I fly back to my lioness. It can’t happen too soon. Last night while foraging for dinner, I tripped over a curb and hurt my wrist and smashed my company cell phone. Dinner was great and I love the location. So, it was worth a little injury.

Earlier this week Mrs. Lion wrote about “Womanscaping” and having me perform it for her. This was a significant milestone for us. It wasn’t, as many assumed, significant because I am being told to do personal grooming for Mrs. Lion. The importance is that she thought of her need and wants me to do it for her. The fact that she has never asked me anything like this before shows that she is beginning to more fully assume her role as keyholder/disciplining wife.

As I previously wrote, we are using trivial rules to build the necessary FLR habits needed in a domestic discipline relationship. My strongest hope was that these activities would organically expand into more meaningful areas of our lives. It appears this process has begun.

Neither of us expects Mrs. Lion to turn into a prima donna, demanding mistress. The goal is for her to express what she wants and expect me to fulfill her wishes. We are also working toward having her hold me to a high standard in terms of obedience and behavior and use punishment to correct me as needed. We’re making some progress here too. She’s growled at me a couple of times recently when I wasn’t paying close enough attention to what she was saying. The next step is use of the paddle as well as growls.

FlM, for us, is a long process. We both have a lot to learn and unlearn. We each feel it’s worthwhile to go through this process. Our reasons for wanting to continue aren’t always clear to us, but we are committed to continuing. The one piece of advice I would offer others who are on this path is not to expect FLR to emerge full grown in your relationship. Based on our experience it will take years before it is mature.