Our Current View Of FLR

Many guys and the popular fantasies portray the HOH (Head Of Household) as an authoritarian dictator who gives orders and punishes even the smallest infraction. This is almost a BDSM scenario. I have to admit that I like this model. Mrs. Lion follows it when it comes to rules she has made, but not necessarily for practical relationship issues. I would be very unhappy if she were the HOH described on many FLR sites. I don’t do well with micro management and honey-do lists; at least for now.

It seems to me that FLR is an umbrella that covers a very wide range of behaviors covering complete control of the male’s life to a loose arrangement of behavioral rules that may or not be enforced. We’ve been at our own version of FLR, which we call FLR ( Female Led Relationship) for a fairly short time; a little over a year. Neither of us had a concrete plan on where we were going. It was an extension of our enforced chastity power exchange. For us, it is a set of rules that Mrs. Lion creates and enforces. We’ve talked about where we want to go next.

As of now, we’ve agreed that we don’t want to move to micromanagement. I doubt we ever will. The direction we agreed fits us better is for Mrs. Lion to continue making and enforcing rules as she sees fit. She will become stricter in both rule definition and punishment. She is free to assume control in any area of my life she wishes. She can determine how she wants to punish infractions. In matters where she has assumed controls, I have no control. It is true FLR. She decides what she wants me to do and enforces her will. Unlike the classic definition, she isn’t expected to run every aspect of our lives. Even so, both of us have to make changes. They’re different kinds of changes, but both are difficult.

Our progress has been uneven. Unlike enforced chastity, we have let external events interfere with our FLR. I don’t think that either of us is as comfortable with FLR as we need to be. I think that overall we have continued to improve. Over the last few weeks, Mrs. Lion has almost always administered punishment on the same day I break a rule. She has been consistently observing infractions. We are going on a vacation trip next week. This will be a significant challenge. The change from our normal routine and the usual vacation unwinding will make FLR more difficult.  You can read about it all here.


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    Will you remain in chastity while on vacation? This year I have a CB6000 for the plane ride. My jailbird will travel in my suitcase. Of course my wife may decide to have me wild…time will tell! I am expecting to remain caged though.

    1. Author

      Last year Mrs. Lion let me be wild when we went off on our trips. She’s said that is her plan for this year too. Our RV toilet is messy to use with the cage on.

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