As you’ve probably read, Lion is not feeling like himself lately. It’s understandable, but I’m at a loss as to what to do. For example, last night I said I wanted to unlock him. It’s the day after an orgasm so I didn’t expect him to be horny. I certainly didn’t expect him to ask why he should be unlocked. I asked if he wanted to make sure he was aligned to make peeing easier. He checked and said it was fine. So….. what do I do?

I know some readers are thinking I should have said, “Tough crap! I said I’m unlocking you and that’s what’s going to happen. Who’s in charge here anyway? Suck it up.” Well, yes. That is true. I am in charge. Part of being in charge is managing Lion’s well being. I also know a thing or two about being depressed. At its best, you do “just” feel blue. At its worst, darkness and stillness are your friends. It’s pointless to tell someone who’s depressed to snap out of it. Don’t you think they want to feel better? It’s not like they can just decide today will be a happy day.

With Lion, there’s sort of a tightrope to walk. Part of me knows he needs consistency. If I said I was going to unlock him every night then I should unlock him every night. There was, however, the caveat that if there’s an illness or reason we shouldn’t play on any given night, then there was no pressure to do so. Another part of me knows the worst thing I can do is insist he go along with plans just because I said so. I’ve hit points where it was like when we were sick with the flu or plague or whatever we had in March. It was difficult for us to make it to the bathroom or into the kitchen for food. Even moving is difficult when you’re that low. And, yes, I know he’s not that low at the moment. But Lion is usually not depressed at all. Forgive me if it’s hard for me to figure out what to do.

That being said, I gave him two assignments last night. The first is that he has to have frilly panties on when I get home. I don’t care if he puts them on at 3 in the afternoon or if he wiggles into them when he hears me pull in the driveway. They will be on his butt when I first see him. The second is to check out the local community center gym to see if it’s worth joining. It’s very cheap for an old fart like him. And it will get him out of the house and he could potentially meet people. The gym thing doesn’t have to be done today. I’m sure he’d rather wait until I can go with him, but I think it might do him some good to get out of the house. And it’s much more expensive for a younger fart like me to join. It’s really the first time I’ve ever asked him to do something like this. And “it’s for your own good” thing. I’m interested to see how it goes.

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    I believe you are making all the right moves. It would be incredibly arrogant of me (or other readers) to suggest that I (we) have all the answers and that everything you are doing is wrong. You are the friend, confidante, and lover of Lion. You have been together for a number of years and working on this lifestyle for over two years. There is no guidebook that will tell you exactly what to do–so you do what feels right. That’s all that you can do!

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