If our current external pressures teach us anything about our power exchange, they are underlining how easily tings can be disrupted by forces outside our marriage. That’s no surprise. However, what we do under this sort of challenge predicts our success at FLR and enforced chastity.

Some people say that enforced chastity and FLR make dealing with external problems easier. They claim that the pleasurable distractions the power exchange provides will help reduce the impact of negative outside events. That view is naive. We always deal with survival issues before pleasure. We’re programmed that way. So, when things start going bad, the FLR and enforced chastity become less important. At this point many couples drop the power exchange and return to more familiar patterns.

We both don’t like the way things were going before enforced chastity. We agree that we don’t want to go back to that place. Maintaining the power exchange under the current conditions requires us to adapt. Mrs. Lion has decided to allow me to have significant input into any BDSM play and edging. This is considered controversial by some. After all, she’s in charge. She should follow her plan regardless of how I feel at the moment. I confess that I tend to agree with that point of view.

Mrs. Lion’s position, however, is much more sensible. While she appears to be returning some power to me, actually she is limiting our activities to the central core: my surrender to her. Does it really matter that much if I am not interested in sex for a while? Is she missing out on anything if my libido is low? The answer is: of course not!

The current hiatus doesn’t make very exciting reading, but our relationship is stronger than ever. The rules are all still in force. I will be punished if needed, regardless of anything else going on. I can worry about needing a new job with or without a red bottom. I know Mrs. Lion believes that and isn’t going to hold back because she feels sorry for her poor lion. She continues to have the last word on everything and I am in my chastity device.

I think the key is to limit changes to the fewest possible. I can’t help the fact that my worry is affecting my interest in sexual activity. It is and that isn’t going to change just because Mrs. Lion tells me to stop. It’s good that she recognizes it. I was very smart to find and catch her. Things look better on the job front. The company I want to work for has continued moving me along the long path to hiring me. My fourth (or is it fifth) interview is today. It’s far from a sure thing, but it is getting more likely they will end up hiring me. In the meantime other opportunities are out there. Mrs. Lion and I are cautiously optimistic.


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    Just wanted to tell you I have been quietly following along and haven’t forgotten you two. As someone also in a current hiatus at home, I’m watching and learning. Just in lurker mode!

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      Thanks for sticking with us. We are on our way out of this tunnel, I think.

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    Here’s hoping that you are gainfully employed sometime very soon!

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    You both are such good writers. It seems that you should be publishing your experiences in a way the brings the general public to know your life style.

    I came to know about enforced chastity through the book, “Re-Starting Intimacy” by Sierra Parker. It is a poorly written book which was probably self published. You could greatly improve on her work, especially with Lion’s first hand experience of finding the right device and giving excellent advise on getting the right fit.

    There is a huge market out there waiting to be tapped.

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