Sometimes a Lion just needs to be wild. Maybe it’s less of a need and more of a want, but when Lion asked if he could be wild for his interview today, I agreed. I didn’t ask why. I didn’t give him any grief. Whatever I can do to help him find a job is OK with me. Of course, if he said he needed to be wild until he finds a job, there would be a discussion. For a day, it’s no problem. Good luck, my pet.

It didn’t surprise me at all when Lion wasn’t frisky last night. He did just have an orgasm on Sunday. He’s usually less interested the day after. And he’s thinking about his interview. So no play. I wasn’t thinking about Zapardy until halfway through Jeopardy. It’s just as well if he wasn’t horny. And I completely forgot it was punishment night until Lion reminded me at 7. My phone would have reminded me, but it was good to know Lion was on top of it.

I don’t know how we’ll feel tonight, but I’ll have something planned. I’ll follow Lion’s cues to see whether we play or not. Despite his idea that I should continue with plans whether he wants to or not, it would be very difficult to edge him if he’s not up to it. And play is pointless if he’s not the least bit horny. I mean, I can try, but at a certain point if he’s not responding there’s not much I can do. We haven’t gotten to the point of his getting hard when I snap my fingers. I was just being funny when I tried that anyway. I never expected him to get hard on command.

So I’m playing things by ear again. 2.0 will give things the old college try and see how it goes. My guess is, with her encouragement, Lion will be unable to resist for long. She has a certain way about her that makes her hard to ignore. Especially when she’s armed with one of the various toys around the house.


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    Hope the interview went well and that Lion will once again be gainfully employed!

    1. Author

      The interview went well. I have to run the gauntlet of the next set of interviews. It’s a slow process.

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    Good luck Lion !! Love your blog Mrs Lion

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    My wife and I tried an experiment last year, in which I wouldn’t be unlocked at all until a certain large project was completed (for some definition, anyway). I’m an independent consultant and my office is in our home, so distractions can sometimes be a problem. It was my hope that this kind of motivation would help keep me focused.

    It turns out that the opposite was true. Although I got a lot of work done over the six weeks (!) I was locked up, it wasn’t as much as if I’d been “wild” (to use Lion’s terminology). Being horny all the time clearly interfered with my ability to achieve “flow” in my work, and although I’m very accustomed to wearing the device and it’s completely comfortable, just its presence was a bit of a distraction.

    Similarly, my wife has unlocked me when I’m entering a situation where I need to have the upper hand in perceived power and control (an interview would be a perfect example of such a situation), although in these cases I didn’t notice any significant difference. (A 5-Hour Energy, on the other hand, does make a very noticeable difference in my ability to keep two steps ahead…)

    I think there may be some justification for allowing Lion to run wild during his interviews. Regardless, best wishes for speedy landing of a new gig!

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