A Nice Weekend

We had a very productive weekend. A few chores that had been taunting us actually got done. You know, the ones you put off and put off. With that out of the way, and Lion’s wonderful smoked ribs, it was a good weekend. Not necessarily for play though. I didn’t schedule any sling time or pegging. Lion wasn’t ignored by any stretch of the imagination. He just didn’t get any weekend special.

By last night, the Magic Wand was fully charged and ready to go. I thought I’d change things up a bit by inserting the butt plug just before I started playing with Lion. I usually put it in a while before we play. I had the evil idea that holding the plug after he was edged would be a little more difficult, if not just more uncomfortable. I don’t think it quite worked out that way, but it doesn’t really matter. He held it for a little over an hour which is about the standard length of time lately.

The Magic Wand certainly lived up to its name. When it hits a certain spot on his cock, Lion starts wriggling. For the second night, I was relentless. I gave him only a tiny rest in between edges. I’d leave the Magic Wand resting on his balls and then run it up to his head again. Toward the end, that’s all he needed to have an almost-orgasm. I stopped when it was clear that I was only going to get the tiny bead of pre-cum that formed. Then, of course, I sucked him for a few minutes to torture him more.

I don’t think Lion is quite horny enough to come yet. Maybe another day or so. Maybe a week. 2.0 will know when it’s time.