We are finally back to normal. Mrs. Lion is still feeling under the weather but the worst is over. The power came on Monday night. That helps a lot. While she may still be sick, 2.0 is back. Monday night is our usual punishment night and I was spanked. I had growled at Mrs. Lion during the power outage. I also spilled some pizza on my shirt. The spanking could have been much worse. I’m grateful it wasn’t.

Mrs. Lion said a couple of interesting things. She mentioned that she was thinking of making me wear the shock collar when we went out during the power problem. She thought better of it, she said. She also said that she was thinking of putting pennies in the spanking bank for my growls, but she didn’t. I think this is a hint at what Lioness 2.1 will be like. There is still a filter between her dominant ideas and action. I think her concern for my happiness sometimes causes that.

Both rejected ideas were during a stressful time when neither of us was feeling very good. I can understand her kind nature being concerned that adding stress to my life might not be the best idea. Perhaps she was right. On the other hand, maybe she is being too kind. I know that to some readers, she should just do things without any thought to my situation. That’s unrealistic. But I think that her instincts are very good. Neither of her ideas would have pushed me too hard.

This is an area of growth for us both. Mrs. Lion has made great strides in her role as keyholder and disciplining wife. I am very happy she shares her thoughts about FLR, discipline, and play even if she isn’t always implementing each idea. My reaction to date is that every single idea she had was absolutely the right thing to do and was well within my ability to manage. It may be that she is still a bit uncertain about upsetting me or hurting me.

This is natural and reflects how much she loves me. I think it may be time for her to turn that filter off and see what happens. Even with the filter off, she is unlikely to go too far. And no, this isn’t me topping from the bottom. It’s me, the experienced top offering some advice. In my experience, one of the hardest things about being a top is learning to go with  your instincts. 2.0’s instincts are excellent. I really hope she can trust them. If she does, we will both benefit.