Almost Back From The Dead

I missed two posts. That breaks a two-plus year perfect record. I’ve been sicker than I can remember in my adult life. It befell me on Wednesday afternoon and I took to my bed. I didn’t eat anything for two days. Last night I managed half a small chicken pot pie, and today a bit of food too. I don’t ever remember not wanting to eat. I couldn’t stand without support and fell a couple of times going to the bathroom. Writing was far from my top priority.

It feels badly to have broken the streak. Mrs. Lion fell sick on Friday and was home from work before 11 AM. She too has been very dizzy. Somehow, we’ve been able to keep things going. It’s Saturday afternoon and I just managed to take a shower; the first since Tuesday night. It does feel good to be clean. Mrs. Lion’s appetite is good and she seems more mobile than me. Maybe we are over the worst of this. I’ve been sleeping about 16 hours a day. Very nice for an old lion.

Needless to say, nothing sexual has crossed either of our minds for days. I am still in my Jail Bird. It never came off. I did comment that maybe it would be easier to pee standing up. Mrs. Lion offered to unlock me. I declined. I guess 2.0 was away while she’s sick. Even though we both feel horrible, we’ve been holding hands and otherwise touching almost all of the time. She’s gone out of her way to try to get some food into me.

I’ve always believed that you can tell if people are truly in love by the way they act during an illness. Mrs. Lion is obviously in love with me. Her concern and love have given me energy and a will to recover. When I’m sick I feel alone in the world. No one seems to care what happens to me. No one but my lioness, that is. I think many dark, lonely thoughts. Demon of abandonment haunt my fevered sleep. Those demons would have taken me, but for the warm hand holding mine keeping me fast to this earth.

Yes, I appreciate all the mean things 2.0 does to me and how she keeps me from a desperately-needed orgasm. But my lioness’ warm hand keeping me from the abyss is a gift beyond value.


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    Get well soon kids!



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    Good to hear you are both on the mend. My wife was very sick for about 6 weeks–chastity became easy as she had absolutely no interest in sex. lol Now that she’s feeling better things begin to get interesting again! Stay healthy!

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