I Can Help

Lion has boring toenails again. I was going to remove the sparkly green polish last weekend, but every time I thought about it I wasn’t near his toes. Even though it was a very light green and it was almost unnoticeable, Lion is happy to be rid of it. Now that I think of it, he was very stylish in his green, frilly panties and sparkly green nail polish. Matching accessories. He could have been the cover model for Female Led Relationship Monthly, if there were such a thing.

Today is punishment day again and Lion has nothing in his bank. I may just give him a few swats because I’m pretty sure I missed something along the way. [ Lion — I interrupted last night and got a dirty look, but nothing for the bank] Maybe he interrupted me and I let it go. I don’t know. But it’s probably a good idea to smack him a few times just to keep him in line. Plus, a few hard swats will help in his quest to stay still during punishment. I’m only thinking of him, after all. He needs practice. I can help.

Last night I helped him with his horniness problem. I made it much worse. It’s the least I can do. Yesterday he said I made it worse just by emailing back and forth. All I said was he’d probably be unlocked and played with. Completely innocent. Can I help it if Mr. Weenie tried to burst through the cage? As we get closer to his magical scheduled date, it can only get worse. Then, when we go right on past that date, it will get worse again. How much further beyond the date will 2.0 make him wait? I don’t know. Maybe, since it’s the first time, she won’t make him wait long at all. Maybe she’ll make him wait until after the next scheduled date. She’s fairly diabolical at times.

The only thing for sure is that 2.0 will keep Lion guessing. She’s very good at that.

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    Aaahhh you just keep getting better and better! Lucky Lion… lol sort of…

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