Starting Enforced Chastity Without Spending A Lot

We get a lot of mail from people who are unhappy with chastity devices they have purchased. All of the complaints are about bad fit. Invariably, the problems are with inexpensive, off-the-shelf chastity devices. Many of these devices come with multiple base rings that are supposed to “customize” the fit. The vast majority of people buying these end up with issues that contribute to quitting enforced chastity before giving it a real chance.

It makes sense not to want to invest over $300 USD for a custom device when you don’t know whether or not enforced chastity is for you. Unfortunately, when we start out with this, our focus is almost invariably on the device and how secure it is. The hot fantasy is about being unable to get erect or orgasm; stopped by a diabolical device controlled by someone else. So, it makes sense that the first step is to locate a device and lock it on. Wrong.

I know I won’t convince anyone gung ho on getting caged to take a more measured approach, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. For enforced chastity to truly work, you will need a device that you can comfortably wear 24/7. If you also want high security, you will lose comfort and increase cost. You want to try enforced chastity and you don’t want to spend much money. Here’s an idea on how to do just that.

Try starting without a full chastity device. No, I’m not suggesting you just abstain; well, not exactly. Here’s what I’m thinking. First, spend $25 and buy a set of sizing rings from Mature Metal. This is a set of nine plastic rings ranging from 1 1/8th  to 2 1/8th inches. Find one that seems right for you. Then wear it for a while. If it seems too big, try the next size down; too small, the next size up. When you think you have the right size, keep it on. The idea is that you will wear a cock ring 24/7. You can change rings to adjust size, but never go without one.

If you have a partner, let her know that  you want to be caged. Have her read our article for potential keyholders. It will give her a good idea of what enforced chastity is about. Explain about the cost of a custom device and tell her you would like to try chastity out with her help. Then ask her to set a date, not too far in future, to allow you an orgasm. The rest is easy. Use willpower instead of a cage for a while. You will be tempted to cheat, but don’t.

During this trial period you will learn several important things: You and your keyholder can experiment and determine if this kink works for you both. While you are learning, you are wearing that sizing ring. Getting the base ring size right is the most difficult part of chastity device fitting. By the time you are ready to really get locked up, you will know what size base ring you will need. This page will help you with all of the necessary measurements when you are ready to order.

This trial period will do much more than save you money while you try out enforced chastity. It will show you that it isn’t really the device that keeps you from masturbating. It is your decision that you want to surrender sexual control. This knowledge will allow you to finally order a device based on comfort. “Security” isn’t as important as you thought when you first considered being caged. My Mature Metal Jail Bird is not impossible to escape. I know it can be done. But I have never tried. You won’t either. Just remember who agreed to do this. You. Why spoil something  you want?


  1. Author

    Nice article! I have only one minor disagreement: that security and comfort are necessarily negatively related. This is often true with the trapped-ball devices, but even then the better ones – such as Lion’s Mature Metal – are reasonable secure (as describe by Lion later in the article, it doesn’t have to be perfect), while comfortable in 24/7 wear.

    I believe that “perfect” security can only be achieved with a piercing, which is generally not a beginner’s technique. Setting aside the initial discomfort of the piercing itself (which is minimal, and totally worth it for the fun standpoint, both with and without chastity), I have a couple of devices that are comfortable to the point of forgetting that I’m even wearing them; one is a Lori’s tube, and the other is an off-the-shelf PA-5000.

    In the case of the Lori device though, it wasn’t an easy road – it took quite a few tries with different devices (and a not inconsiderable amount of money) to get to the one I’m now happy with. This is one reason that the phased approach in your article makes so much sense – I could have saved quite a bit by having figured out the critical fit issues using less expensive hardware.

    1. Author

      I had a frenum piercing for years. The piercing was generally comfortable, but it did get twisted. Lori made me several devices over the years for review. I didn’t find one I could tolerate mainly due to the weight hurting my piercing. In terms of comfort vs security, trapped ball device makers promote anti-pullout accessories. Without exception, using these will make an attempted erection painful. I reviewed an Access Denied full belt. It was comfortable and extremely secure but restricted movement and wouldn’t fit if I gained or lost as little as a couple of pounds.

  2. Author

    Great post Lion! I too have the same cage as you but I’m pretty secure in it. Maybe I could get out but I think it would be very difficult!

  3. Author

    I think the frenum piercing is a difficult one to use for chastity security, because it doesn’t encompass much flesh. That’s the one I thought I wanted one at first, but after researching quite a bit, I found that the Prince Albert is much stronger and less trouble-prone. Anecdotally, it’s also less painful to have done, has much less chance (almost zero) of outward migration, and very low rates of infection (again, almost zero).

    So that’s the one that I went for, and I’m happy that I did. I was lucky enough to have mine done by Fakir Musafar, one of the original inventors of the piercing, and hugely experienced. It has been completely trouble free, and has been easy to stretch up to 00-gauge (about 3/8″). As a result, most devices cause no problem; surprisingly though, very heavy devices – including a couple of Lori’s units I’ve owned, have still been too heavy. Lately, she’s been attempting to make them lighter, I notice.

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