Night and Day

My medication change seems to have done the trick. I wasn’t exhausted yesterday. I got tired around 10 pm which worked out just fine with me.

Lion and I snuggled for a while with me playing with his balls. Ever hopeful, he purred every time I got near the cage. I wasn’t sure if I was unlocking him or not.

Eventually I did unlock him. I edged him quite a few times as we chatted about his next orgasm. He’s got another week to go. Last night was the first time he’s been unlocked since his last orgasm. I don’t know how horny he’s been, but he was certainly responsive.

Lion has another date with ginger this weekend. I should tease him about his new girlfriend Ginger. As long as Maryann doesn’t show up, we’re good.  Whether that ginger is in the form of oil or root is unknown. He may even have some sling time.

Right now Lion is wearing his shock collar. I haven’t zapped him yet but the day is young. I’ll get him when he least expects it. I always do.

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    Can either of you say some things about the shock collar Lion sometimes wears? Miss is getting interested in using electricity on me and I’m wondering if one of those might be a good place to start. What’s the brand, where does Lion wear it, and how does Mrs. Lion use it–intro stuff like that.

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