Lion asked if I’d be writing a “poor Lion” post for today. He didn’t get his scheduled orgasm last night. And I decided every night should be maintenance spanking night, except punishment nights. We both need more practice with spanking. I guess that qualifies as a “poor Lion” event.

Actually, he didn’t seem all that horny so I decided he’ll have to wait until he’s a little more desperate. He asked if he had to wait until the next scheduled date. He doesn’t know when that is anyway, but I told him we’d take it a day at a time. I’ll know when he’s ready. It may be today. It may be a week from now. If I can’t even get him to the point of edging him then he can’t be very horny anyway and, therefore, does not deserve a “poor Lion” label. That’s for when I’ve frustrated him beyond any limit he ever wanted to cross and a gentle breeze will push him over the top. Nope. He’s nowhere near that now.

He may very well be frustrated that he’s not so horny, but that’s another matter. We need to regroup and get back to that point. We’ve lapsed into a mini play-coma lately. It’s gotten routine and boring. Last night, a while after his maintenance swats, I had him roll over and gave him some play swats. Tonight, I’ve alluded to the fact that he may be in his collar with his hands restrained to it. If we can find his collar. We haven’t used it in a while and we’re not exactly sure where it is. Not to worry. If we don’t find it, I have other ideas.

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    I gotta spare collar if’n ya need it. Don’t let lack of props get in the way of fun!

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