Sleepless In A Jail Bird

Most of what I write is an internal conversation I imagine that I am having with you. Sometimes I imagine myself leading a workshop, an activity I did quite often before moving west. I think about what I have learned and what I consider valuable to share. I’m not a teacher by trade, but the desire to share knowledge is strong in me. Over the nearly two years of my enforced chastity, I am surprised at how consistent my advice has been.

I’m not claiming that I got it right from the very beginning. I had a running start at all this. I came across sites about chastity devices in 1998 and was immediately turned on by what I read. Most of the people practicing this were single guys who were obsessed with security. They would buy or build a device and then try to escape. Once they succeeded they would get or create another device and try again. This was a very expensive hobby. An Access Denied chastity belt was over $500 at that time. I think it was the only device no one escaped.

I decided that I had to try out wearing chastity devices. I decided to review them online. Many device makers sent me samples to test. I had a frenum piercing so I was able to sample early Lori tubes. They were secured by the piercing. Boy, were they heavy! I think they still are. I was never able to wear one for more than 24 hours before the pain forced me to take it off. Ironically, since the frenum piercing goes through the most sensitive part of the penis, orgasm was easy to achieve since that area was exposed and easy to stimulate. Truthfully, I never tried to come. It hurt too much to wear the device. Access Denied made a belt for me and it was comfortable in terms of my penis, but the constriction of the steel belt around my waist was very restrictive. I also tested one of the very first CB2000’s. It was handmade and crude by today’s standards. It was the first comfortable device I had tried. What I learned over the years was that comfort trumps security, ease of cleaning, and everything else. If it was too uncomfortable to wear, it was very unlikely I would even consider keeping it on for long.

I never considered wearing a device full time until fall of 2013 when I discovered new, inexpensive Chinese devices (most were less than $50 USD). I couldn’t resist resurrecting my old interest in trying chastity devices, so I ordered some. The fit was far from perfect, but most were actually comfortable to wear. One seemed to be a reasonable fit. I got turned on thinking about wearing it. So, early in January 2014 I asked Mrs. Lion if she would lock me up. To my delight, she agreed.

I discovered that full time wear (more than a day or two) was less comfortable than I imagined. The problems were that the too-large device wouldn’t let me pee in a straight line and the base ring irritated me. But, it wasn’t all that bad. In February I ordered a Mature Metal Jail Bird custom device. That turned out to be completely comfortable to wear. The cage seemed a bit long, but peeing wasn’t all that difficult and the cage did its job. I ordered a security screw instead of a padlock. The screw was probably less secure, but it didn’t rattle against the cage like a lock, and the cage was firmly held to the base ring. There is a little play with a padlock.

It never occurred to me to try to escape. Why would I? This is something I wanted. Now, as I think back, I realize how pointless the idea of strong security is to me. Other guys are truly turned on by the idea that they can’t escape. Unless locked to a penis piercing (usually a Prince Albert), any cage with a base ring can be escaped without a key. With the piercing locked to the cage, slipping out is impossible unless the ring can be removed. So far I haven’t come across anyone (writing where I can read) who has even attempted to escape. The point of enforced chastity isn’t an inescapable penis prison; it’s submission to the keyholder who has complete control over sexual pleasure.

Clearly I am not alone in realizing that a chastity device that is impossible to escape is essentially irrelevant. In my case, the cage is there as a symbol of my submission as well as a practical barrier to any “accidents”. It also turns me on. All this is why I know that a chastity device must be acceptably comfortable, even at the sacrifice of security. What constitutes “acceptably comfortable” is for each caged male to decide.

All this came to mind when I was lying in the dark unable to sleep. I couldn’t feel my cage. I reached down and touched the bars. It was there, of course, locked into its place in the world, protecting my penis from arousal and orgasm. I realized that I don’t have to feel its presence for it to work. I don’t have to understand that I can’t escape for it to be effective.

Lying there in the dark, I considered what it is that keeps this kink alive for me. Much of the time, wearing the cage is inconvenient. After all this time the novelty has worn off; but not the arousal of being locked into it. The power exchange that the cage symbolizes has changed our lives. It isn’t the sexual fetish. It’s the total sexual dependency that I have on my lioness. She feels my vulnerability and curates my sexual pleasure that she now owns. It’s about focus and consistency. The cage provides enforced consistency and focus on us both. We need that. Sleepless, I realized that we won’t take the risk of removing the cage. Like our wedding rings, it transcends the realm of sexual hardware and has become a symbol of new devotion.