Naughty Boy

Yesterday Lion told me he slept very well the night before. He’s had a tongue-in-cheek theory that having an orgasm helps him sleep. Maybe it’s true. So I asked him if he was advocating an orgasm a day. He said we should think about it. We both know it wouldn’t work. He’d be broken in a few days. When we first started male chastity, I gave him an orgasm every night. I think he lasted almost two weeks before he admitted it was too much.

Last night I took the night off. How horny could he be if he just had an orgasm? Knowing Lion, he could have been very horny. Too bad. I probably should have played with him so we could continue on our million clothes pin march, but one night off shouldn’t really matter. We’ll go again tonight. This time we’re going to do a test to see which of my evil tiny clothes pins are worse. I have a few sets to choose from and I thought the ones I was using are nicer than my original ones. We’ll see about that.

I waited until 9 pm to ask Lion if he forgot something yesterday. He said he told me it was punishment day in his first email of the morning. Sometimes he catches me at this. He’s told me and I forgot he told me. Luckily it’s a simple matter of checking the emails. Nope. No mention of punishment day. Finally he had something on his list. Six very hard swats from a bubinga paddle and four more lighter swats for moving. Maybe I should have done more because when he moved he said that was enough. Really, Lion? I wasn’t aware that it was you who decided when it was enough. But I just gave him the four lighter swats. I can always make up for it at a later date. That’s one of the benefits of being in charge. I can do what I want.

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    I think there is something to an orgasm helping Look to sleep better. It may have something to do with the release and the calm that comes after. At times M allows me one if I can’t sleep and something important is happening the next day.

    I would love to have a floor made from babinga wood.

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