Happy Lion

Lion wasn’t able to hold the tiny clothes pins very long last night. It might have been the placement. It might have been the specific clothes pins I used. They may not be consistent from one to the other. They certainly weren’t manufactured with the intent of pinching weenies. At any rate, that wasn’t the only reason for unlocking him. I was uncomfortable sitting next to him giving him a hand job, so I decided to use my mouth. And initially I was just thinking about teasing him without edging him, but he makes such good noises that I edged him a few times. And that should have been it. But it wasn’t.

I’m not exactly sure what tips the scales in his favor. It wasn’t that I wanted to taste him, although the pre-cum I was getting was nice. He wasn’t begging for an orgasm. I don’t think making him wait another week was too much. For all he knew he was just going to be edged and locked away again. Sure, he wanted an orgasm. He may have been wishing I would give him one. But he wasn’t asking for one. And maybe that’s the key: he wasn’t begging. I don’t think so, but who knows. For whatever reason, I decided I was having too much fun sucking him and if he was game, I was game. Of course, he was game. I got a nice mouthful of creamy Lion goodness.

So what’s the point of having scheduled orgasm dates if I’m just going to give him one whenever? Who says I can’t do what I want? Lion certainly isn’t complaining when I give him a bonus orgasm. The scheduled dates are there so he knows he’s guaranteed to have an orgasm on that date unless I extend it, which I’ve only done once. I guess the argument could be made that I should have waited until he was more successful at taking the tiny clothes pins, but I never thought about tying the two together. I could be used as a reward for a job well done. But then it wouldn’t have been just because I wanted to give him one. Besides, I’m allowed to enjoy sucking him and get my own reward for a cock well sucked.

Now he’s a happy Lion and I’m a happy Mrs. Lion. What more could we ask for?

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    I love your attitude that you can do what you want and if you want to make him orgasm off schedule, then you can do just that!
    My wife surprised me last night by taking me in her mouth while I stood next to her as she sat at the kitchen table. She got me to the edge and I wondered if she was going to make me come. I wanted to release, but I also want her to deny me. I hoped that if she did let me that she would make me eat my cum, but she stopped and left me hard and wanting, just the way we both like me to be.

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