One Man’s Weird is Another Man’s Passion

At the risk of adding fuel to an already blazing fire, I will continue the pageantry theme. Lion is passionate about being kinky. I can’t tell you how many times he yells at the television when we’re watching a police show that depicts bondage and they either get the sets wrong (no one would use that piece of equipment in that way) or they portray the kinky person as a frothing-at-the-mouth psychopath. I get it. He’s upset that people think kinky people are weirdos. Now here’s where we take a wrong turn.

We’re watching football and they pan the camera to people we are dressed in team colors and there are a few with the wild wigs or face paint or their version of a lucky outfit to show support for their team. They are really into the game. They’re screaming and jumping and maybe singing the team fight song. And Lion usually says they are weirdos. Why? They believe their actions help the team. In fact, sometimes the teams really get involved with those fans. Here, in Seattle, we are the 12s. Everywhere you go there is at least one 12 plastered on something. A car, a building, a flag up in the trees visible as you drive down the highway. The players appreciate the 12s. We have Blue Fridays when people wear Seahawks gear the cheer on the team. Are we weirdos for doing something that cannot be proven to help the team? If we didn’t wear blue or stopped dressing up at the games, would the team lose more often? Nope. It’s just pageantry.

I did push it too far when I wrote about his over-the-top need for the key to be in super maximum security. I know he knows there’s no need for it. It’s adding to the passion that he has for being locked up. Just as I’m adding to the passion when I want to sing and dance at a concert or wear my Seahawks gear on a Friday. One man’s weird is another man’s passion.

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  1. Author

    Mrs. Lion …
    Love your humorous take on things..
    The key to my device is simply tossed in a junk drawer in the dinning room cabinet ,at my Lady’s home.
    It’s handy for her when she chooses to unlock me (seldom happens)
    And me knowing where it is, does not help in any way when I am back at my home during weekdays.. 200 km away…lol

    Best regards,

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