Loopy Lion

Yesterday Lion had a root canal. I’ve had a few and only once did I have much pain. Lion needs nitrous oxide to have his teeth cleaned. He may have a tough hide when it comes to spanking, but he doesn’t like other types of pain. Last night he was on pain killers.

Lion on pain killers is sometimes amusing. He watches television when the set is off. He talks about smart trees. He has work conversations with no one. Last night he was overly talkative. Not that he wasn’t making any sense. He was just talking a lot. Needless to say, he wasn’t in the mood for love. For a brief moment I wondered if he could handle more pain while on the pain killers. He’s promised to write a page about the Velcro straps I use on him and we’ll need pictures. Of course, if he’s not in the mood, he probably won’t get an erection and the Velcro wouldn’t work so well.

In his loopy state, he decided to stay home today. I don’t think there was any way he could drive. It’s more like a hangover this morning, but he was in no condition to work. I told him to vegetate so he didn’t get himself in any trouble. I didn’t want him trying to do too much without supervision. He very obediently said, “Yes, ma’am.” By the time I get home he’ll probably be fine.

This was yet another case of life invading into our chastity and FLM. Sometimes things happen that postpone the fun. Maybe he’ll be ready to play tonight. Maybe he won’t. We’ll take it as it comes.