The Horniness Factor

Yesterday, after I did the manscaping, I played with Lion. He was already hard from all the touching while shaving his balls. However, when I really started playing with him he confessed he wasn’t very horny. Well that won’t work. How can I edge him if he’s not horny? How can I give him his orgasm a night early if he’s not horny? Not that he won’t be horny tonight, but I like it better when he’s horny the night before an orgasm and I’ve had a chance to edge him a few times.

I know some people don’t like the idea of my giving Lion his orgasm early. Too bad. It’s my choice. And it’s also my choice to defer that orgasm again if the timing isn’t right. This isn’t a punishment of any sort for poor Lion. It’s not like I’m taking his orgasm away or even making him wait an extra day. He’s just right back on schedule.

Is there any way Lion can keep his orgasm today instead of tomorrow? Sure. If he seems really horny later, I may decide to give it to him. I’m a sucker for his incredibly hard cock straining to come. That may seem like he’s running the show, but it is my decision. Ultimately I decide if I’m going to stop at edging or if I’m going all the way.

I’m hoping he will be horny later. Whether he’ll be horny enough to pass my test is another matter. It’s always fun to try though.


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    My suggestion here is accept that he is not horny…keep him locked up and have him please you orally, or otherwise and move his ‘release’ time forward yet another day, so that he is truly horny and ready for release then. Just my two cents.

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