Lion thinks the cage makes me feel powerful. I’m not sure it does. The only power I can think of is when I hand him the ring to put on. I think that is similar to when someone is talking to you and you hold up a hand and they stop talking. He stops what he’s doing and puts the ring on. As far as seeing the cage and thinking how powerful I am because his weenie is locked away? Nope. I may mention it from time to time, but that’s to remind him of his predicament.

So when do I feel powerful? The only time I really feel powerful is when I’m edging him. I know it’s up to me whether he comes or not. Will he get release? Will he get locked up again? He has no say. It’s all me. Can he sway me? Maybe. If he’s really horny and I know he just wants to burst, I may give in. But there have been plenty of times when I don’t. So it really is up to me. What do I want to do?

Other times, what should make me powerful just annoys me. What should we have for dinner? Mostly I don’t care. Food. What should we watch on TV? There are shows I don’t like, but I don’t mind if Lion watches them. I don’t think I will ever have a strong need to watch “Criminal Minds” right this second. Or, for that matter, have a strong need not to watch “The Good Wife” at any particular time. Just don’t get upset if I leave the room to do something else if I don’t want to watch.

I know that’s only part of what should make me feel powerful. At this particular point in time, I don’t feel powerful at all, but that’s because of the finances. It will pass. By the time I get home tonight I will be in a better mood. It’s my Friday. Finally! I need to do some manscaping and catch up on some play that I’ve been meaning to do. I won’t promise anything specific, but I bet I’ll have a happy Lion by Sunday night. Just in time for him to start work.