Back to work. Back to the stacks of paperwork that accumulated after only two days off. But this time there is no next trip in sight. We’re careening into the end of the year. Summer is over. Boo! I’d like a do-over. Minus the unemployment, of course.

I can’t complain too much. We escaped mostly intact. And now we are on to such things as butt plugs and vibrators. Last night we tried the smaller Njoy to no avail. This morning we chatted about making a year end-rear end goal of getting the larger Njoy in. Lion thinks we can get it in by his next scheduled orgasm if we focus on anal play every night. It’s worth a shot. I haven’t been consistent with it. I think it’s time to change that. If I am ever going to be able to fist Lion, I need to work my way up.

Obviously, I can’t just jam my hand in there. He’s having trouble right now with the small Njoy. I think we’ll need at least a few days with that. Then I think we’ll need to move on to movement. Once he can take something the size of the Njoy with movement, we’ll find something a little bigger and work on movement. I don’t know if movement will be easier right off the bat with something bigger. My guess is that once you are used to movement then you should be able to progress with size and movement at the same time. But no one has ever tried to do that with me, so I’m not sure. It’s another case of playing things by ear. I don’t want to hurt him, so Lion will be in charge to some extent. If he says no then we stop.

The Lion weather report is horny. He was horny yesterday, but I was tired so we didn’t play. Tonight I’ll make sure he gets some attention. Another shot with the butt plug, maybe some vibrator time, and definitely some edging. Oh yes, I can make his horniness worse. I’m good at that.