That has a few meanings for us lately. You all know about our financial problems and why don’t we just shut up about that already. I agree. I’m talking about edging Lion. He’s been a very horny boy lately and, rather than give him orgasms, I’ve decided to return to edging him. Not that I didn’t edge him before each orgasm, but I mean just edging him. Stopping just short of his promised land, so to speak.

He made a comment the other day that it’s possible to have too many orgasms. He wanted to wait. I thought I was being nice. I was taking pity on him because if nothing else seems to be going right, at least he could have an orgasm. He didn’t think I was not being nice. He just voiced an opinion. And I know he likes to wait sometimes, although he’s not a fan of an extended wait. I think 21 days is the longest he’s waited. That’s a mini wait for some caged males. Not even the blink of an eye. So far he’s been waiting five days and, if memory serves, he’s got quite a while to wait till his next scheduled orgasm. It certainly won’t happen tonight. But he will get edged.

Today is manscaping day. I’ll unlock him and get rid of all that extra fuzz cluttering up my play area. He’ll be hair free from belly button down and around back to his buns. While he’s wild, I usually play with him a bit. Sometimes it’s just a quick feel. Other times it’s a full edging. When he’s very horny, it takes very little touching to get Mr. Weenie to full attention. If the mood strikes me I can be very mean to my pet and ignore him altogether. Just let his erection fade into the sunset without even acknowledging it. I can do my trimming and hand him his ring to put on when he’s able to. But what fun would that be? Ignore him? No, no, no. I want to let him know I see his dilemma and I can help. Of course, by helping I know I’ll only make it worse. Because, you see, he said he wants to wait. Silly boy.

So if I do actually play with him (and why wouldn’t I?) while I manscape him, then I might even decide to edge him again tonight. Double whammy! Poor Lion. I can hear him grumbling already.