As predicted, Lion reported that he may be horny yesterday. He wasn’t sure how long it would last (hint, hint) but at least it was a start. He reminded me again as the evening wore on. He’s very subtle. He asked me how I was feeling. I guess there’s no sense proceeding if I tell him I’m not feeling well. Many times that won’t stop me from playing with him, but I understand his need to test the waters. As I was looking something up online I thought he would be interested in too, he told the dog it was getting late and things tend to slow down the later it gets. Ahem. Hint. Hint.

When I finally suggested going into the bedroom, he almost sprinted in. He was definitely horny. And it didn’t take long to get him hard. He was none too pleased that the night didn’t end with an orgasm. He said I made his horniness worse. The nerve of me! I told him I was glad he was horny. I like it when he’s horny. I don’t know when his scheduled day is but I might just march right past that date to keep him horny for a while. I haven’t made him wait very long for a while. Given his current job situation I’ve been taking pity on the poor boy. Maybe it’s time for a longer wait.

Lion just informed me that he’s been waiting five days. Yes, and? Definitely time for a longer wait. I’ll have to consult my schedule, and if he gets a job he gets a bonus orgasm, but aside from that I think he needs at least a ten day wait. I’m sure his heart just sank. Ten days? Nooooooo! You can do it, Lion. You’ve made it longer than that before. Besides, you don’t have much of a choice.