Bad Luck

Lion announced he was horny yesterday afternoon. I should have taken him up on it right then and there. Later on we weren’t so successful at edging. He thinks the later we play, the more time he has to think about finances and start feeling down. He even asked if I thought chastity was bad luck. I’m not sure how it would be. He’s been out of work before chastity. If memory serves, he was out of work for six months and that was certainly prior to chastity. Of course my memory stinks so I may be wrong about the length of time. The point is, his employment situation has nothing to do with chastity.

I considered, for no more than a few seconds, suggesting we suspend chastity for a while. But what would that prove? If he gets a job right away, who’s to say it was because he was unlocked? If he doesn’t get a job right away, who’s to say it’s because he wasn’t unlocked? There’s no magical way an employer can tell if he is caged. “Oh, no. This guy is a freak. He’s wearing a cage. We don’t want that in our company.” Nope. Sorry, Lion. Nice try, but the cage stays. I know he’s grasping at straws. Looking for reasons in any possible area. Maybe they don’t hire him because he has a dog. That’s about as likely as chastity being bad luck. Besides, it’s been lucky for us. We’ve been closer than ever.

This morning, on the way to work, I decided I’m suspending Lion’s requirement to make breakfast on the weekends. I should have done it long ago. He does almost all the other cooking. Why should he have to do breakfast too? This is not to say I can’t ask him to do it sometimes. For example, he is much better at French toast than I am. If he wants grits he’ll have to do those too. I can never remember how to do them correctly and they are so easy to screw up. I have commandeered breakfast a few times to make him pancakes, but he’s been a trooper about doing something that I know he doesn’t like to do. Until further notice, it’s my responsibility.

In one of our daily emails I just promised him a restrained frontal assault tonight. He’s restrained, of course. So perhaps it is an unrestrained frontal assault on my part. Normally when I tie him down I whomp his sexy buns. It’s been a long time since I’ve had him spread-eagle on the bed on his back. Think of all the things I can do to him when he’s completely helpless!

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    Mrs. Lion,
    Be gentle with Lion.Job hunting is a bitch and takes an emotional toll.

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