Things are more promising on the job front. The interview that I was told would be scheduled this week still hasn’t materialized. In the meantime, two other companies want to talk with me. It’s good to have some activity. My libido has been non existent. I’m sure this is situational. It’s particularly stressful around here with my uncertain employment situation. True to her word, Mrs. Lion has been proceeding with business as usual. All FLM and enforced chastity is in full force. I think this is very good. It’s so easy to postpone until things get better. But what if they don’t? Is our sex life dependent on external factors?

To some extent it is. Neither of us can help but allow discouragement influence other areas of our lives. The key is to minimize its effect. The more we allow these things to bother us, the more likely we will become depressed and develop physical problems as a result. The big trick is to figure out how to avoid this. The male libido is supposed to be indestructible.  We’re supposed to get it up no matter what else is going on. To some extent this is true enough. After a few days, for me at least, biology triumphs over circumstance. Mrs. Lion proved that last week.

I think that a lot of us consider kink as luxury. It is something we can put aside when necessary. Certainly, survival doesn’t depend on my wearing a chastity device. But that may be exactly the wrong way to think about it. Almost all kink, including FLM and enforced chastity, are essentially free. They don’t take up a lot of time and don’t have to cost any money. Maybe a fancy chastity device is an expendable luxury, but orgasm control doesn’t require the hardware. Continuing with kink doesn’t impact survival negatively at all. Looking at it rationally, there are very few valid reasons to stop. Obviously, illness or lack of privacy can inhibit any sexual activity, kink included. But shy of that, I can’t come up with a single good reason to stop.

It all comes down to priorities. Thanks to our Puritan ancestors, many of us consider sexual activities as somewhat “wrong” or “shameful”. Many have managed to shed this guilty mantle, but I think that deep down inside, it’s still not exactly “right” to do this kinky stuff. These feelings drain energy. They also make it easy to push sexual activity into the background on the first sign of a problem elsewhere in our lives. Sadly, this isn’t limited to sex. Frequently, stress pushes people back into themselves and this blocks receiving and giving love. Money problems, for example, are the number one cause of divorce in America.

There’s nothing either Mrs. Lion or I can do about all this pressure reducing our sexual interest. But we don’t have to let reduced libido and our financial problems stop us from loving one another. Nothing will do that. Nor are we letting these external issues stop our enforced chastity and FLM. We didn’t put in a financial escape clause. We don’t even have a sanity clause (Remember “A Night at the Opera”?).

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    Best wishes on the job search. I was in the same position last year as I lost my job and it took a while to find another. It is hard to stay upbeat all the time when the bills keep coming and you have to pull in the spending reigns. I know, it sucks! Someone needs you! And your skills. In the meantime, it is great that you have the support of Mrs. Lion. I was and am very lucky to be under the guidance my wife. And like you, I thrive under her control and discipline.

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