Perhaps this wasn’t the best point in time to discontinue my anxiety medication. With Lion being out of work and the bills piling up, I probably shouldn’t be doing anything to jeopardize my mental health. But we’re after my elusive libido so I guess it will all work out in the end. Of course, I can feel myself becoming more anti-social as the days go on. That can’t possibly help in the quest for sex.

Deep breath. Today is another day. I’m looking forward to barbecued ribs tonight. Mr. Handy-Lion fixed the smoker yesterday. Maybe this weekend we’ll do another chicken. I have a four day weekend to spend with Lion. I’m hoping we can get our camper unstuck Friday. And then, if it rains (and even if it doesn’t), we can spend part of the weekend with Lion’s butt in a sling. It’s been a long time.

Last night was maintenance spanking night. I didn’t hit him hard but he grumbled anyway. He said I didn’t think it was hard because I wasn’t the one being hit. True. But I’m not the one who wants to be spanked. I can stop if he really wants to, but I don’t think he does. I think he just wants to grumble about it. I did wind up with a bruise from the punishment spanking the other night. I was at an awkward angle and managed to hit myself with the handle of the paddle. Occupational hazard I guess. The bruise turned deep purple and is almost gone now so it wasn’t that bad. Lion said it serves me right for hitting a poor, defenseless Lion. Again, I can stop anytime he wants to. He should be careful what he wishes for when asking for things to start or stop. [Lion — I’m not asking for any changes!]

After Sunday’s orgasm Lion hasn’t been horny. That’s not really a surprise. Last night I just took him out for stretching and to get the blood flowing. I can’t have Mr. Weenie locked up all the time. He needs to come out and visit every once in a while even if he doesn’t really feel like playing. Eventually he will be horny again.

Yesterday I found an article about a study that says men who have more frequent orgasms are less likely to get prostate cancer. Lion has said for a long time that having orgasms is essential to his well-being. I guess this proves it. I doubt he’ll get any more orgasms than usual, but it’s interesting to have science on his side. I think the article was recommending at least 21 orgasms a month. Ha! Good luck, Lion! I almost killed him when I gave him an orgasm a night for a week or two. I don’t think he’d survive 21 orgasms every month. At his present rate I’m not even sure he’ll average 21 orgasms a year. But Lion is luckier than many caged males. I like giving him orgasms. I want to give them to him. Sometimes I need them more than he does. I’m sure he disagrees, but he never argues with an orgasm.