What The Hell!

We had a very nice, busy weekend. Saturday was so busy with attempted mower repairs and migrating to a different server, my attempt to get some sexual attention came too late for Mrs. Lion. Sunday was also busy, but we did get some time for fun later in the evening. It turned out that last night was the night. Mrs. Lion edged me several times and then she was holding her hand fairly still and I was humping it. I got closer and closer. She held on. I humped faster and faster. She let me go all the way! First orgasm in 11 days. Thank you Mrs. Lion!

We got a very kind email from someone who calls himself Glitch. I would like to share it with you:

I stumbled across this blog about a week ago while searching for edging
material (wife’s rules).

While this wasn’t the material I was looking for I must say I am enjoying
reading about your exploits.

The Internet is full of extremists I grow weary of reading about sissy maid
this and cuckold that. Your blog is nothing like that. Seeing the same
events played out from both points of view has actually helped me be a
better chaste.

My wife and I have just transitioned from me initiating chastity play and
her reluctantly participating for a few weeks before we both get bored to me
being locked is her idea. It’s only been a week so far we will see how this

I really just wanted to thank you for putting a real world practical story
out there for me (probably us). You seem to have hit on a play model that is
genuine and achievable for most.

I have been thinking about how there appears to be a lot of confusion about enforced chastity and FLM. Since I have been enjoying a lot of involuntary free time, I have had a chance to read many blogs that claim to be about enforced chastity and Female Led Marriage (FLM). One blog says it is written by the dominant woman in a FLM. She described a “punishment” session. First, she told her husband to put on his spanking “outfit”. Uh oh, not a good sign. She went on to say he wore sheer pink panties, stockings, and other female attire. Then, once properly dressed for punishment, she spanked him; first over his panties, then on his bare butt.

Really? I mean, really?

I have a major problem with this stuff. First of all, discipline is not supposed to be fun. It doesn’t entertain a fetish. There is nothing wrong with cross dressing for spankings, but it isn’t discipline. It’s BDSM, fetish, kink, you name it. Other blogs as well as chastity fori (plural of forum) discuss the need for men who are caged to wear women’s panties and, in some cases, bras. Other contributions from the blogosphere claim that keyholders should cuckold the caged husband.

This isn’t my rant against what kind of undies a guy wears, punishment rituals, forced promiscuity, or the other fru-fra that gets stuffed into the enforced chastity / FLM basket. What I am against is portraying enforced chastity as anything more than locking up a guy’s penis and then giving the key to someone who will then decide if and when he will get out. Anything else, including orgasms, is peripheral to the practice.

FLM is a lifestyle power exchange. It means very simply, that the wife has full control of the marriage, and most often of her husband’s life as well. It can include enforced chastity, or simple orgasm control. It can also, but doesn’t have to, include domestic discipline, where the wife uses corporeal punishment to enforce her will. There are not required costumes or rituals. Domestic discipline is nothing like BDSM. It’s intended to hurt and hurt a lot. It is never intended to be a turn on for the man. Period!

Mrs. Lion and I practice enforced chastity, FLM, and domestic discipline. Her preferred punishment at this time is spanking. I lie on my stomach on the bed. Sometimes she ties my hands and feet so I am spread-eagle. She does this to keep me from squirming away. Then she uses a heavy paddle to spank me. From the first to the last swat it hurts and hurts a lot. I want to escape. I don’t get hard thinking about being punished. I do get hard thinking about BDSM spanking. Her will is the law here. She is very kind and sweet about it, but when she makes a rule or asks me to do something, it is going to be done or I will be face down on the bed being paddled.

You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to do any of this. I’m just tired of reading people who live in their fantasies making up “rules” for enforced chastity, FLM, or domestic discipline. As Glitch wrote, what you read here is real world. You learn of our mistakes and our triumphs. We aren’t doing this stuff the “right” way. We are just doing what works for us. We try things and then discard them. The stuff we keep brings us closer. That’s the way it should work.

Case closed!