How do you keep the interest up in a chastity environment? Lion has written about males losing interest when left in their cages without attention for too long. I have written about how difficult it is to maintain excitement even with attention. Last night, during our nightly edging session, it seemed that Lion wasn’t very interested. Ultimately he became interested, but I was wondering if things had become boring for him again. Aside from actually teasing him, we haven’t really been doing anything else. I did give him a butt plug a few days ago, but that was the extent of it.

In the past Lion said he needs a little bit of a lead-up to things. He was looking for foreplay. Ironically, that’s the one thing many men don’t realize women need. So as I was massaging his balls last night at 10 pm, which is right back to the old routine, I wondered if he was bored with the nightly teasing. I did make dinner last night so our timing for the whole evening was thrown off. Tonight I have a work function that will get me home late again. But I need to do something to keep him interested. And it can’t only be on the weekends. I have to get out of the rut of just teasing him.

I hesitate to say it, but I think I need a schedule of events. Not that Tuesday will always be spanking night or Thursday is butt plug night. Just a guide to give me ideas for any given night. I know I have all these possibilities, but it’s sort of like figuring out dinner. Sure the freezer is full, but what can we have for dinner? Sure the toy chest is full, but what can I do to Lion? Didn’t we just have meatloaf? Didn’t I just put clothes pins on his balls?

This is a recurrence of an old theme. At one point I wondered how to decide when to schedule Lion’s orgasms. Now I need to figure out how to schedule play sessions. Or, more correctly, what to do in those play sessions. It’s that damn inertia again. So easy for me to fall back on not doing things. Lion deserves better than that.