The Edging Continues

It seems that Lion is satisfied with being unsatisfied. I guess that’s a good defense mechanism when you have no idea how long the wait is until the next orgasm. I was wondering if he’d hit a wall at some point and really start begging for release. So far that hasn’t happened. Will it happen if I push him longer and longer? I don’t know. I think he’s adopted the mantra “I can make it one more day.” With that mindset he should be able to make it through any sort of wait.

I know he wants to come. I know I want him to come. My goal is for us both to make it to the scheduled date while doing the nightly edging. Once we hit that date I don’t know how we’ll proceed. I’m sure Lion wants the nightly teasing to continue. It might. I haven’t decided yet. I may go back to the every other night schedule with a few extra days thrown in to keep him on his toes. Let’s just make it through this experiment before we start another one.

That said, tonight we start another experiment. It’s the first maintenance spanking night. I’m not at all sure how it will go. How will it differ from a punishment night? I guess the short answer is that Lion will actually get some swats. He’s been a good boy for so long he hasn’t earned any swats. Rather than manufacturing rules that he can’t help but break, now I will punish him for no reason. Makes sense to me. (No, it doesn’t and I don’t think it ever will. Just nod your head and agree with the crazy person.) Except I’m not really punishing him. I’m just giving his buns a reminder of what it’s like to be punished. In case he breaks a rule and needs a real punishment, which is on a different day.

I suppose I should make it a rule that he has to remind me it’s maintenance spanking night in case I forget, just like he has to remind me about punishment night. I know I’ll forget. At least initially. It took me a few weeks to remember punishment night. So the same rule now applies to maintenance spanking night. Lion has to remind me before 8:30 pm or the infraction will go on his punishment list. One of us is bound to forget at some point early on.

I just got my morning email. Lion reports that he is super horny today. It would be nice if tonight is his night. Is it? I’m not telling.

[Lion — I really hope that Mrs. Lion continues the daily edging. Beyond being sexy fun, it gives us yet another reason to be physical with one another. I really love that. My vote is to keep it up. Also, maintenance spanking isn’t punishment with no reason. It is practice. We both need to handle discipline more naturally. Mrs. Lion needs to be more comfortable just waling away to punish me. I have to learn to stay still. There’s a reason. Practice makes perfect.]