By The Numbers

As of today, I have been locked in a chastity device for 439 days. During that time, I have been out of the cage about 10 days in total. This includes the roughly 30 minutes every other day for teasing and the occasional orgasm. That means I have been wearing the device 98% of the time for over a year. As far as I can see, that is virtually 24/7. I don’t have an exact tally, but in that time I have had about 40 orgasms. That comes to an average one every 11 days.

During my lockup the actual interval varied considerably between 1 and 21 days. The average man over 40 has 3 orgasms a week. I have one every 1.6 weeks. The average guy has 400% more orgasms than I.  Chances are very good that if I only count 2015, my orgasms per week will be less. Prior to being locked, I had about three orgasms a week, virtually all of them masturbation. What does all this mean? For one thing it means that Mrs. Lion and I are taking enforced chastity seriously. It also means that I am getting less than one-fourth the number of orgasms I would naturally want. However, now they are all given to me by my lovely lioness. That is a big improvement!

While we are on the subject of statistics, I mentioned to Mrs. Lion that more people will see the key she got for her birthday that she wears around her neck than the device that it symbolically unlocks. Her reply, “Are you kidding?”

I thought about her response. She has a right to be incredulous. I did a bit of analysis and realized that almost half a million people have seen pictures of my penis in and out of its cage. Chances are you’ve seen it. If you haven’t and want to, click here. You know about each and every play session and orgasm I have had. In short, our sex life is very public. You know when I am disciplined and how it is executed. We’ve shared our most intimate and in my case, humiliating details right here. We’ve also shared our failures as well as our joys. Since we both read and write for this blog, you have a unique window into our lives. The blog has also given us a window into each other’s feelings. This has been very helpful to us both.

It all doesn’t flow smoothly. We needed a lot of time to reach our current commitment to enforced chastity. We still have a way to go, of course. We are both still learning our relative roles. Life has gone on while we have been on this adventure. I lost my job and we are under a lot of stress trying to make ends meet. Amazingly, this has not affected our enforced chastity or FLR. I am very grateful for that. Our renewed sex life is now a rock in a stormy financial sea. It’s yet another way we are bound together. I’m sure that we will continue our sexual odyssey for the rest of our lives. How cool is that?

Speaking of our sexual adventures, last night I cashed in a Good Lion coupon for an extra play session. Mrs. Lion did some cock and ball bondage, then provided me with some serious edging. She ended the session with some nice non-orgasmic oral attention. Her self control is truly improving. On Thursday night I produced a lot of pre-cum. I don’t normally produce any. I did it again last night. Mrs. Lion noted it. In the Tease and Deny video, the keyholder asks for pre-cum. When she gets some she says, “Good job!” I love that. I asked Mrs. Lion why she never said that. She told me that she thought it was demeaning to me. I laughed. Really? Well, it is still something I would like. It shows ownership of my bodily functions. It makes me feel I am doing it for her. What can I say?

Anyway, that’s my analysis of the numbers. There are lots of other figures we could consider, but this small set gives you a sense of how we are affected by our sharing of our enforced chastity/FLR adventure. I would love to know what, if any effect our blog and our lives have had on you. If you wish, please leave a comment.