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I want to get a few things off my mind. This blog was created to allow Mrs. Lion and I the opportunity to share our experiences around enforced chastity and associated activities. It was my idea, well actually all of it was my idea. Mrs. Lion agreed because she loves me and wants me to be happy. Heaven only knows what she really thinks of all this. You are here because you share this interest or  you are curious. That much is obvious. But why a blog?

Many people create blogs because they are very easy to do and require no particular technical knowledge to create. Thanks to WordPress and Google (, both the software and the platform to run it are free and easily available. That, however, is not why I chose a blog. Male Chastity Journal is not located on a WordPress or Google server. It is on one that I own. I do run WordPress software and like it very much. However, I didn’t choose a blog because it was technically easy to do. I chose it because it is a unique, two-way form of communication. I could have as easily created a standard web site. I’ve built many others.

Most of our readers get to us through Google and other search engines. Very few start on our home page. Most are taken to a particular post or page. Hopefully, they choose to stay and read other material on our site. About 25% come back each day to see what we are doing. Actually, it could be more than that, but my limited ability to analyze our traffic, confirms 25%.

The reason this is a blog is because I wanted to create a journal; a document that would share the good and bad moments, the things we learn as well as knowledge we may have that could help others. Besides allowing us to chronicle our adventures, the blog makes it easy for readers to share with comments or to send us email directly (contact us). It was my hope that we could have a valuable dialog with our readers.

To some extent this has happened. A few of our regular readers have offered insights and opinions that I think have made our blog more interesting and helpful. I had no illusions that we would have a lot of contributions. Normally, only one or two of a thousand readers will comment. That’s really too bad. I love reading comments. It brings the blog to life. That’s why I decided to write this post. If you are reading it, chances are that you are a regular visitor. I just want to take this opportunity to invite you to let us know about  you and your interest in enforced chastity. Of course, you don’t have to. You are most welcome to read without contributing. But if you are so inclined, we would love to hear from you.



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    A new subscriber here. Thanks for your posts. Very informative, especially for my Miss, who sometimes needs encouragement to engage in this special dynamic of our relationship.

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    This post spoke to me on many levels because, as you know, I also blog and really had no idea how much I would enjoy it. I started on a whim after meeting a fellow chastity blogger, Thumper, and starting what would turn out to be a really nice friendship built around some really nice sex outside of our respective marriages. Also, like you, I wanted a record of the adventures as my husband and I and my boyfriend and I continue down our respective paths.

    As for your blog, I want to actually take this chance to say thank you. Yours is the only blog I have ever sent to my husband, a therapist, when he is trying to get his head around my desire, and need, to submit to him. Your approaches are extremely sound, well communicated, and a pleasure to read each and every time. I also appreciate that you mix in just enough of your personal lives so that you instantly become “real” to the reader.

    One of my favorite parts about reading your blog is that you are not afraid to admit when you fuck up or when the grand plan of a beautiful evening filled with domestic discipline crashes and burns because the dog gets sick or some other muggle life event steps in and creates a dynamic that is just not conducive for even the slightest power exchange. I like that you share that as it makes me feel a great deal better about when my plans to spend an evening in perfect submission get bungled. However, I also really dig it when it does work as that often inspires me to get off my ass and move a bit more toward what we are seeking.

    Finally, 9:00 and 4:00 are two of my favorite parts of the day because I get to see the topic of the day and, while I usually cannot stop and read it at that moment, it makes me happy knowing it will be there later.



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      Wow! Thanks Drew. It feels so good to learn we are communicating.

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