Today’s post is coming to you through the narcotic fog of my pain reliever. As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday, I somehow managed to provoke my sciatica. I’ve either been snoozing or hurting since then.  I’ve lost a bunch of IQ points thanks to the drug. Mrs. Lion wrote that she should ground me and punish me for trying to help around the house while I am under the weather.

I think she was more tongue in cheek than actually ready to do something like that. I did add two things to my punishment list yesterday: I left the oven on after making breakfast and I did the dishes after she told me to stay in bed. Fair enough. I think Mrs. Lion should actually be stricter and actually call the shots regarding my movements while hurting. Last night she told me that I could have gone out or to the store if I wanted. No, I should not have done that. I would have made things much worse for myself. Even in the wild, except around dinner, lions defer to the girls.

My favorite wild lion story took place at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. I was there with a former Mrs. Lion and we were watching a lion and lioness. They were napping. The male woke up and awakened the lioness. He then started licking her back and getting in position to mount her. She gave him a dirty look and growled. He sighed audibly and returned to his spot under a tree and went back to sleep. The then Mrs. Lion said, “I wish you were that nice about it.”

That was a long time ago. The current Mrs. Lion has a lot of trouble saying no to me about anything. Even at times like this when no’s are very much in order, she really can’t bring herself to do it. I took what she wrote in her post as her word and I stayed in bed. But, as I said, when I actually said I wanted to go out, she agreed. I’m not looking for a lot of painful no’s, but I do think that situations like this where denying me is clearly in my best interest, make good opportunities to practice her new role. After all, we all know who rules the den.