Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Lion was very horny last night. Maybe not as horny as he was several nights ago when he came very quickly, but still horny. I was able to edge him a few times. I even considered leaving him horny until tonight at least. I thought better of it though. I was to ease us back into chastity and the rules. It’s not like flipping on a switch.

Ironically, Lion seems to be in less pain now that he’s using less of the narcotic. His sense of taste is returning to normal as well. I think a lot of the issues were caused by the narcotic. It seems counterintuitive that the narcotic would cause pain, but I think it might have. At any rate, Lion is on the road to recovery faster than before. He even wants to try driving when we go out later.

Tomorrow is his second post-op visit with the surgeon. We’ll see how well he’s healed and how much range of motion he’s regained. I’m assuming the real physical therapy will begin. I know they won’t be as nice to him as I’ve been. They’ll push him to move whether it hurts or not. And if there’s pain we may be right back where we were before. A poor, achy Lion who doesn’t want sex or even snuggling. That’s why I’m in no hurry to return things to normal so quickly.

I think, as was the case before surgery, not knowing how things will go is nerve wracking. Will he be in more pain? How long will the pain last? What’s the next step? Once we get the go ahead for more involved PT, we’ll find out. Until then, we’re flying blind.

I have no doubt that Lion will be back to normal for the most part in a few weeks. By that I mean driving and doing most things that require no lifting. He won’t be reaching things from the top shelf for a while, dammit. I’m shorter. I rely on him for reaching. Yes, he still has the one good arm, but I try to do things on my own. Sometimes he’s still wobbly on his feet. I’ll still be taking care of him. He’s been trying to do more on his own, but I really don’t mind helping. Do you hear that, Lion? You shouldn’t feel bad about asking for help.

I know he’s getting tired of being an “invalid” but he’s still got a way to go before he’s back to his pre-injury self.