It Felt Like a Long Wait

Last night, after I gave Lion a nice spanking and a hand job (which he had the added bonus of not having to eat – it was my snack), he went off to write his post for this morning. He asked what his next scheduled date was. I told him and then I set about changing the color of the notice on my calendar. Everything was blue. Not very easy to find anything. As I was doing so I was looking at his wait times. He’s got some variety. Short ones. Long ones. Medium ones. And then I looked at his last wait time. Nine days. It seemed longer to me.

I’m not sure why. If you had asked me to guess I would have said it was twelve days at least. Ironically my last orgasm was twelve days ago now that I think about it. Of course, I still don’t care about mine. And it doesn’t explain why I thought Lion had waited longer. True, for a few days he was very horny and he let me know that every few hours. But he wasn’t grumbly about it. If anything, it made me laugh at him.

I wonder if it’s because I would normally have given him a bonus orgasm somewhere along the line. I wasn’t particularly in a hurry to give him one and he didn’t really want me to. Maybe knowing he didn’t want me to somehow made it take forever to get to his scheduled date. And then he said he might not be horny enough so that had the potential for a longer wait.

His wait time now is nine days again. I know he has an eighteen day wait soon. I wonder how that will feel.

[Lion — I’m pretty sure I know how it will feel to me!]