Unintended Consequences

this little cage is simple in design, but much more difficult than i imagined to get fitted correctly. click the image to see me in this cage (sized for me, of course).
This little cage Is simple in design, but much more difficult than I imagined to get fitted correctly. Click the image to see me in this cage (sized for me, of course).

I am constantly amazed by the complexity of wearing a chastity device. Let’s face it, the cage itself is very simple. There are two parts: the base ring and the cage. For a comfortable and secure fit, each needs considerable attention. We have a page with detailed instructions on how to measure for a chastity device. They work. My cage is very well suited to my penis (image).

It turns out that things are more complicated than I thought. After a year in this cage 24/7, the base ring felt loose. This is due, I am told, to some natural changes that occur over time when a device is worn. These changes are small, but significant. In my case, the diameter of my scrotum and penis at the base (the area the base ring surrounds) shrunk. I found that hard to believe, but it is true. Others have noticed the same change over time. I could get my thumb between the base ring and my body.

So I ordered a new, smaller base ring. I went from 1 3/4″ to 1 5/8″. Not a big change, but significant. The new ring fits perfectly. I can barely get my pinky under the ring. I’ve had that ring on for a couple of days (and nights). It is as comfortable as the larger ring but there are some interesting differences.

Most significant is that my penis stays centered with no “drift” at all. That’s great. It also suggests that my original ring was slightly larger than it should be. Apparently the cage was able to move a bit as I wore it. Now that isn’t a security issue, but it does affect ease of “use”. A second consequence is that because the ring (and cage) has a harder time rotating, it sits dead center under my pants. It isn’t visible, but there is a bit more pinching when I am sitting and I have to make more quick adjustments.

Chastity device fitting is even more complex than I first thought. Most guys tend to go to base rings that are too small. They do this out of a misguided idea that a tighter ring will make pull out harder. As I’ve said before, if you are worried about pull out, you probably shouldn’t be thinking about enforced chastity. Or if this is a real concern for you and your keyholder, then a belt will be the only possible choice that is impossible to pull out of.

Clearly base ring diameter is the most critical issue in chastity device fitting. I believed that the ring is too big only if a ball manages to wander out during wearing. It’s been my contention that as long as a ball doesn’t wander out, the ring isn’t too big. Now that I am using a smaller ring that is probably the correct size for me, I can see that it might be better. I really like that I can feel secure peeing in a urinal without soaking my pants (that happens if the urethra wanders so that it is “biting” the bars).

For the record, when naked, I can’t tell that I have a device on. There is no rubbing or pain. My only complaint is that in jeans there is some pinching when I sit. So, as I see it, the tradeoff is solid penis and cage positioning vs some pinching when dressed. If the pinching turns into a problem for me, I could get one of my rings resized to 1 11/16″. That’s one of the advantages of a custom cage. Mature Metal can resize a ring down to a 16th of an inch.

I am not going to jump to any conclusions. When we are talking about these small differences, the wisest course is to wait at least a month to see if things don’t just get better on their own as I get more used to the new ring.