We got a very interesting email:

Hello, Lion and Lioness, and thank you for your amazingly frank and open blog. I have been following you almost since you began blogging — I’m sorry to say I’m too old to cotton on to Twitter, Facebook, and such — and I have never sent you an email in appreciation of the things you do and talk about so honestly. I don’t think I could ever be nearly as candid, so ‘good on you’, as the saying has it.

Thank you very much.

I realise you can tell me, quite rightly, to go and jump in the nearest lake — or something similar —

Not at all. It’s good to hear what  you think.

but I find myself wondering if the whole chastity/teasing/denial thing has become too centre-stage.

I suppose if you judge us by this blog, it would be very easy to assume that all we think and talk about is enforced chastity. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I have to admit that I think about enforced chastity quite frequently. It is, after all, something I have wanted for a long time. On the other hand, I doubt that Mrs. Lion thinks about it as much as I.

Now these thoughts are in place of the sexual thoughts I had before. Well, I still have those too, but they don’t fill up much of my day. Similarly, when we are together, Mrs. Lion and I don’t have many chastity conversations. We read each other’s posts and ask one another if the posts are ok. Normally, the answer is, “Yes, it’s fine.” and that’s that.

Because Mrs. Lion committed to some sort of sexual activity every other day, we spend a bit of time on alternate evenings playing. Those times are great! Other than that we are a normal couple who work, take care of the house and pets, and do the typical old married couple stuff.

I would like to claim that our life is a sexual circus of tease and deny, endless orgasms for Mrs. Lion, and verbal teasing day and night. But that isn’t us. It’s true that I am locked into the Jail Bird 24/7. But I frequently forget it is there.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of male chastity, but I would never have the courage to share my fantasy with my wife. Having said that, and owning up to the fact that sex, for us, is a thing of the distant past, but what has replaced it is, in some ways, better.

We were in the same boat. Sex is coming back to our lives. But it is very slow progress. I think that your assumption that if you became sexually active that somehow  you would lose what you value so much now, is probably not true. This is one case where you can have your cage and eat it too (couldn’t resist the pun). Even if you don’t end up caged full time, why not tell your wife? What is there to lose?

I won’t go into the details of this as you probably wouldn’t find them of any interest, but togetherness, warmth — and I wouldn’t think of saying you don’t have it — and companionship are longer-lasting than we could even have imagined when we were sexually active. I suppose I am trying, badly, I realise, to say that you might be better to take a little of the emphasis off playtime and see what happens in the natural course of things.

I can understand how you could imagine we are experiencing endless play sessions. As I said earlier, I would guess that save the ever-other-day play time, we are probably no different than you.

There, I have said it. Tell me to go away in whatever terms you prefer, but please accept that I am not in any way ‘dissing’ your life-style; as I said above, I would have loved to live it myself, but …

No problem at all. It’s good to hear from you. I have thought a lot about whether or not our enforced chastity is a lifestyle. In the sense that there is a change from the traditional relationship, you could argue that it is. But it is a small change in the scope of our lives; but a big one in terms of my sexual happiness.