Amazing Orgasms

It may take some work on his part but Lion gives me amazing orgasms. I think he was concerned last night because it was taking so long, but the payoff was worth it. He’s definitely got the touch. I felt like I needed oxygen afterwards. He asked if I was going to set a new date for myself. I just need a minute to recover. I know he can immediately be looking forward to the next orgasm. I’d like to savor the moment for a while. Even when my libido was fully functioning it didn’t reset that quickly.

I know Lion would be willing to take my orgasms as well as his own. It’s not that he’s insatiable. Not quite. He’s just a lot more horny than I am. And at this point I would give up my orgasms for his. But we’re both hoping that changes. Maybe at some point in the future I will be able to tell him that it’s just too darn bad if it’s his scheduled orgasm date, I am commandeering it as my own orgasm date. You’ll just have to wait, dear Lion. I know part of him will be cheering that my libido is back while another part is tree-humping horny and just wants to come. And we’re both looking forward to a time when we are on the same page and both come together. That’s my goal. Lion’s goal may be that I have more orgasms than he does.

For now we are still working toward reigniting my pilot light. It’s a fun kind of work that we both enjoy.