I’m a Softy

Yes, of course I gave Lion a raincheck for last night’s scheduled orgasm. I’m a softy. And so was he which is why an orgasm wouldn’t have worked! I’m just being a smartass. I didn’t even try to get him hard. When I asked him early in the evening what his horniness level was he told me it was pretty low. There’s no sense in forcing the issue so I gave him the raincheck.

The only reason I decided to try orgasms two nights in a row is because Lion said he tends to be just as horny the day after an orgasm. Why not let him come when he’s horny? That’s why he gets so many bonus orgasms. As I play with him I can see how horny he is. And he isn’t afraid to share that information with me. Sometimes several times in one evening. Maybe he thinks I don’t hear him. Funny Lion. So when I know he’s really horny, or when he does something that makes me want to let him come, I let him come. Ultimately it’s my choice.

Lion is free to use that raincheck whenever he wants. Is that letting him decide when he can orgasm? To some extent. I see no reason for him to lose his orgasm just because he wasn’t ready for it on a particular night. I did tease him that he may not get another chance this year, but he knew I was teasing. That would deprive me of giving him an orgasm. It’s just as much fun for me to give him one as it is for him to receive it. Well, maybe not just as much fun. But close. I think I will always allow him a raincheck. Otherwise he may try to have an orgasm on a night that he’s sick just so he doesn’t miss one. I don’t want him to be under pressure to perform. Sex should be fun, even if I am whomping his balls and causing him pain.