As described by Mrs. Lion in her post yesterday, I had a great time in my sling. I was teased, spanked, and very well pegged. That was followed by fantastic oral sex and a great juicy orgasm for me. When we were done, Mrs. Lion announced that my next orgasm will be on our first chastity anniversary, January 13. That, of course, is only a few days away. She pointed out that we have to celebrate occasions properly. I had to agree, of course.

She also announced that her next orgasm will be today. I’m delighted that she feels well enough to enjoy my attention again. I hope she will permit me to please her orally this time. Mrs. Lion tastes wonderful and I love the sounds she makes when she is ready to come. I love licking my wife. I love making her come any way she wishes.

My cell phone has been buzzing with text messages. Mrs. Lion is sure they are from my girlfriend. I told her they were from USPS (post office with the progress of my cage back to Mature Metal). She said, was that my lover Ursula? My lioness has a great sense of humor. I am still uncaged and it is likely I will be that way on our chastity anniversary, unless Mrs. Lion decides to lock me up in the Chinese cage. She probably won’t. She doesn’t like dealing with putting it on me.

It feels odd being wild. I don’t feel any temptation to masturbate. Nearly a year in the chastity device may have begun to cure me of that habit. I may be learning that my penis isn’t mine at all. I have to admit that I thought enforced chastity only worked as long as I was incapable of experiencing arousal or orgasm because of the device locked on my cock. For me, at least, there is also a powerful mental component. I don’t want to play with myself. I wonder how long this would last if I remain wild. My guess is that after a while, if not given release by Mrs. Lion, I would probably masturbate. I do like to come.

I don’t think this is a weakness of my character as much as my nature, which Mrs. Lion hasn’t been inclined to try to change. Rather, like a dam, she is not stopping the river of my libido, she is just letting a lake of desire form before allowing any overflow. We both enjoy each other’s orgasms as well as our own. So our enforced chastity is about establishing Mrs. Lion’s sexual control, not stopping my opportunities for release.

Over the last year we have both learned a lot. Mrs. Lion, I believe, is enjoying the power over me and the things we do for play. It doesn’t turn her on, but she said it is fun for her. I can’t argue with that. When I topped, the things I did to my bottoms didn’t really arouse me. They were just fun for me to do. It was the fun that made me want to do more and to come up with new diversions to further amuse me. I hope that Mrs. Lion will get to that point too. Based on recent events, I am pretty sure that is what she is doing now. I am a very lucky lion indeed.