Creme-Filled Lion

Yesterday was a good day. My head felt well enough to play with my pet. He was happy to be in the sling again.

I knew I was going to peg him, but to start slowly and introduce some lube, I used my fingers. Lion has wanted me to use a glove because it slides easier. I now understand why men don’t like to use condoms. All I could feel was his warmth and some pressure. I prefer to feel him, but if it’s more comfortable for him I will use the glove. I can also understand how it could be more slippery. It may even facilitate getting my whole hand in there. It’s definitely worth trying.

My favorite part of yesterday, and undoubtedly Lion’s as well, was his orgasm. Between the pegging, the spanking and the edging, he was so ready to come he almost had a ruined orgasm. He gave me a huge snack! No wonder I love making him come.

Today my head is a little worse, but I think I’ll be fine for my orgasm later. I think Lion might be looking forward to it more than I am. We both love to make each other come. Just another reason we are perfect for each other.