Mr. Weenie’s Workout

Lion was plugged and pulled last night. I told him he would be better off having a butt plug in last night than having me ram a dildo into his “virgin” ass today. I figured his butt needed a little warm up. He agreed. He had the plug in for about three hours. Not a record, but still a long time since it’s been a while. Mr. Weenie found himself all tied up in a rope. I lassoed his balls and then wrapped the rope around his cock, fashioning a homemade cage. The rope cage had him stretched out rather than crammed into the Jail Bird. And I had access to the head which I don’t with the cage.

He wasn’t in his rope cage for long anyway. I wanted to tease Mr. Weenie. I don’t know how many days I missed playing with him, but I figured he needed a good workout. I edged him five times. I stopped short of breaking him. Then I decided to suck him. I think I got him close two more times. I didn’t ask how horny he was before we started but I’m sure he was horny when we stopped. He wants to come very badly. And he will. But first he has to be pegged and spanked and edged a few more times. I need to make up for lost time.

I suppose Lion can learn right now that his next orgasm will be on our chastity anniversary. He probably figured that out already. I don’t usually let milestones go by without letting him come. Yesterday I decided that my next orgasm will be tomorrow, assuming I feel well enough. As usual, I care more about when his next orgasm is than my own. But we’ll shoot for tomorrow. Today is his day. And Mr. Weenie will have another workout today.