“Mani” Pedi

I’ve been “threatening” Lion with the nail polish for about a week. He ranges from getting nervous about it to getting excited about it. He needs manscaping too. So today will be a sort of a spa day for him. Will his spa day include a happy ending? We shall see.

He said that every time I tease him he is hornier than he was before I unlocked him. I suppose that’s the point, but I hadn’t considered it. I just thought the teasing was to keep him interested. I didn’t think it actually made him hornier. I know he can get turned on by just looking at me or thinking about me. In some ways I envy that. Of course, if I do get turned on it’s because I’ve thought about or looked at him, but it doesn’t happen as consistently as it does for him. I’m hoping that changes soon.

My new orgasm date is January 2. Lion calls it our orgy new year. He will have orgasms on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I will have one the following day. A very nice way to start the new year. I’ll have to check for the exact date, but I know our chastity anniversary is coming up soon. I’m sure we can find some way to celebrate that. I know what Lion’s vote will be.

By tonight, Lion will be clean-shaven and polished. Literally. I think his toes will look pretty in pink. I know there will be at least one picture to post. I’ll make sure of that.