If you have been keeping up with us, Mrs. Lion decided to schedule her orgasms in much the same way she schedules mine — hopefully more frequently. This was the second scheduled orgasm. The first was on December 21. Her orgasm calendar sits next to mine. We both hope that these orgasms will restart her mojo. After she came tonight, she said that she thought it might. Boy, would that be good news!

When we were cuddling, I mentioned that I wished I were wild. She reminded me that I told her I should remain in my cage while pleasuring her. I remembered that and I do agree. The reason is that I don’t want her distracted by thinking of reciprocating. I want to be sure she is focused 100% on her pleasure, not mine. She pointed out that I could be wild and still not have her do anything. I suggested that the temptation would be too easy. This way, it was very clear that tonight was just for her.

Christmas night I got a bonus orgasm. It’s odd, but the day after I come, I find myself very horny. That makes little sense, since I should be satisfied and uninterested in sex. Mrs. Lion agreed to play with me and then out of Christmas charity, let me come again. It felt wonderful.

There is a lot to be said in favor of serial orgasms. Even in a vanilla relationship, if only one partner at a time has orgasms on a given day, I think that sex in general would improve. Here’s my thinking: One component, conscious or unconscious, of sex is worry about the other partner’s pleasure. If it is clear and cheerfully agreed that on a given day only one partner will come, there is none of the inevitable stress and possibly guilt that the other partner may feel deprived. Guys, in particular, are very good at laying guilt trips on partners who don’t assure they make sure their men also come.

In enforced chastity, of course, the base assumption is that the male has no expectation of coming except on the relatively rare occasions when his keyholder chooses to get him off. He, on the other hand, expects to give his keyholder orgasms as often as she would like.

I suspect that this reversal in expectations goes a long way toward improving the woman’s sexual pleasure. Ironically, the caged male also has more pleasure because of the control and buildup that inevitably occurs before he finally gets to come.

I know that I really love giving orgasms to Mrs. Lion. I also love that she knows that I don’t want or expect reciprocation. We are new at the Mrs. Lion orgasm opportunities. After just two very nice evenings, we may have some progress toward waking up Mrs. Lion’s sleeping libido. Mrs. Lion, it’s wake up time!