Different Points of View Again

It’s interesting to me that Lion and I always seem to have a different take on the same thing. I guess it’s normal to some extent. We don’t really have much in common over all. Different taste in music, movies, even sex. Opposites really do attract.

While I do agree that, for now, sex should be one sided, what I was thinking about last night was that I can’t wait until we can both come at the same time. Or at least within a few minutes of each other. I know until my libido picks up that won’t happen. And I guess in a chastity atmosphere it shouldn’t happen. His orgasms should be few and far between while mine should be, well if you ask Lion, every day. Even if my libido were in full swing I wouldn’t want sex every day. At this point we’d both settle for once a week. I mean really wanting sex, not our jump-starter sex.

How do I reconcile my wanting mutually satisfying sex with chastity? Well neither one of us can “win” in this situation. Lion puts me first. I put him first. So there has to be a compromise. And that’s where it gets complicated. How much of the time should be spent having mutually satisfying sex versus solitary satisfying sex? And who gets more of the solitary sex? Again, Lion would say I do and I would say he does. I know, most of you are jumping up and down right now yelling at the screen saying I have the power so I should just decide. But you know what I’d choose. And that probably annoys many of you. If I am in charge I should think of myself. Easier said than done. I’m not wired that way.

Of course, I am assuming that my libido does, in fact, get jump started and I get back on a path to actually wanting sex. I have to assume that or this is for naught. So when I am horny again we’ll have to discuss things. He will still probably have scheduled orgasms, but I won’t need to. Then the issue will be how I want my orgasms delivered. And at this point I’m looking forward to having Lion making the earth move for me on the way to his own orgasm.