Time to Think

You’re probably tired of hearing about Lion’s back. I’m sure he’s tired of having it hurt. I’m tired of not being able to do anything to help him. Last night he was in so much pain I was afraid to touch him. So much for his tree-humping horniness. I bet he’d be glad to just be sexually frustrated at this point.

It has given me time to think about things. While I still dislike the idea of the cage when I want spontaneity, overall I like the cage. It’s brought us closer together. It’s made sex more of a focus. While I still don’t care if I get sex, I care if Lion gets sex. Or does not get sex, whichever the case may be. At least he gets attention, which is a huge change from before he was caged.

As we’ve both said in the past, we were close and loved each other even during the times of little to no sex. We’re best friends and really believe in the for better or worse, in sickness and health part of our vows. He’s grateful that I take care of him and I wonder why he always seems so shocked when I do. I guess that’s ultimately how I can do the things he wants me to do to him. It’s all part of taking care of him. Ironically I have to hurt him to make him feel good. I have to restrain him to free him. I think I’ve stopped trying to understand it and I’ve just committed to do it. And, apparently, I’m quite good at it.

I’m hoping that Lion will be feeling better by the weekend. We’ve got some catching up to do in the play department. And in the manscaping department. A furry and frisky Lion needs a lot of attention.