Weekend Plans for Lion

To me, there is nothing as sexy as Lion’s butt. I’m very fond of Mr. Weenie, too. But his derriere is my favorite. Especially when he bends over. Yum! With that in mind I’ve decided that he’ll be spending some time this weekend on the spanking bench.

We built this device several years ago. It looks more or less like a saw horse with a cushion on top and a place to rest his legs. As you can imagine, there aren’t many manufacturers of BDSM furniture. Sometimes you have to do it yourself. Our spanking bench looks like something we made. It isn’t exactly a work of art, but it gets the job done. Lion’s wrists and ankles are secure. His belly is on the cushion. His sexy buns are sticking out for my viewing pleasure. And, of course, for my spanking pleasure.

Lion calls the home improvement store an adult toy store. His favorite aisle is the rope and chain aisle. He wasn’t that thrilled when I found velcro there, however. Nasty little teeth that bite into his cock. Poor boy. He also loves the clamps. And we have some nasty ones. Sex stores may not be readily available in many places, but there is usually a hardware store even in the smallest towns. No one needs to know what you need with fifty feet of rope or those clamps. Next time you’re in the store take a stroll down the rope aisle. You might see new possibilities.

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    Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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